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    Proof (PRF)PRF coin grade refers to a category of coins that are specially struck for collectors using highly polished dies and planchets. These coins are carefully handled during production and exhibit exceptional detail, sharpness, and mirrored fields. PRF coins are typically produced with a specialized minting process to achieve a distinct frosted appearance on the design elements against a mirrored background. They are known for their pristine condition and are often packaged in protective cases to preserve their quality.
    Brilliant Uncirculated (BU)BU coin grade is used to describe coins that have never been circulated in everyday commerce but may show minor imperfections from the minting process or handling. These coins retain their original luster and sharpness, with well-defined details and minimal wear. BU coins are typically considered to be of high quality and are sought after by both collectors and investors.
    Uncirculated (UNC)UNC coin grade refers to coins that have never been in circulation and are in nearly perfect condition. These coins may exhibit some minor imperfections from the minting process, such as bag marks or slight toning, but they retain their original luster and overall pristine appearance. UNC coins are often well-struck with clear details and are highly valued by collectors for their scarcity and excellent preservation.
    Extremely Fine (XF)XF coin grade represents coins that have seen limited circulation but still retain a significant amount of their original detail and luster. These coins may show light wear on the high points and some minor scratches or contact marks, but overall, they maintain a pleasing appearance. XF coins are considered to be above average condition for circulated coins and are sought after by collectors who appreciate coins with some history but still in excellent condition.
    Very Fine (VF)VF coin grade describes coins that have been moderately circulated but still exhibit a good amount of detail and wear. These coins may have noticeable wear on the high points and surfaces, with some flattening of the design elements. Despite the wear, VF coins retain clear legends and identifiable features. They are often collected by numismatists who appreciate the character and history of coins that have been used in commerce.
    Fine (F)F coin grade represents coins that have seen considerable circulation and display noticeable wear. These coins will have a moderate amount of flattening on the high points, with some loss of details. The legends and major design elements are still readable, although they may be somewhat worn. F coins generally have a worn appearance but are still identifiable as the intended coin type. While they are not in great condition, F coins can have value for collectors who are interested in acquiring examples of a particular coin at a more affordable price.
    Very Good (VG)VG coin grade is given to coins that have been heavily circulated and show significant wear. These coins may have considerable flatness on the design elements, with some loss of details due to wear. VG coins still possess readable legends, but the overall appearance is noticeably worn. While not in pristine condition, VG coins can hold some value, particularly for collectors interested in completing a series or acquiring coins with a well-worn charm.
    Good (G)G coin grade denotes coins that have been extensively circulated and have substantial wear. These coins often have significant flatness, with most of the finer details worn away. The legends and major design elements may still be visible, although heavily worn. G coins are generally considered to be in poor condition, but they can still have value, especially for collectors looking to fill gaps in their collections or acquire affordable examples of rare coins.